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The Top 15 Startup Ideas From My Personal Files

The Top 15 Startup Ideas From My Personal Files

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So, whenever I’m out and about, and I have an idea, I save it in my Google Drive.

That drive is a gold mine.

It's long, and it's detailed.

But today, my friend, I’m sharing it with you.

I extracted my 15 best startup ideas, included my notes (46 pages!), and served them on a plate for you.

Each idea comes with 2-3 pages of actionable plans, tactics and strategies, that I’d use to grow it.

Here’s whats included for each idea:

  • Target Market & USP
  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Sales tactics
  • Customer retention tactics

Okay, there’s actually more than that in there…but I can’t say everything (hush hush!).

Get access to my best startup ideas now!

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