From Zero to 12,000 LinkedIn, with 1 Tactic

From Zero to 12,000 LinkedIn, with 1 Tactic

So the other week I ended up chatting to a guy on Reddit (as you do), and within a few messages, he blurted out gold.

More gold than a pirate's retirement plan.

I was taken aback - but I thought..."I could do that".

The Who

Private Equity Bro started on LinkedIn 6 months ago, but only properly gave it a go about 2 months ago.

This month he hit 12,000 follows on his LinkedIn Page.

Private Equity Bro

The How

Two words...Lead Magnets.

"We started posting on LinkedIn less than 2 months ago and now have 10k followers. Organic strategy “add your email if you want guide Y"

So how does the strategy really work?

Put simply, he's offering something valuable (information / a report), in exchange for someone commenting on the post with their email. Once they drop their email on the post, he emails them the lead magnet.

Simple right?

Why it Works

People want information, and he gives it them in exchange for their email address.

But it's cleverly done...the posts are posed that he needs their email in order for him to send them the report.

When someone comments on the post this also creates engagement furthering his reach of the post.

What Else Does It Do

A very underrated aspect of this strategy is that it builds an email list.

Unless you spend a lot of time thinking about marketing, you'll probably undervalue an email list...probably by a lot - I certainly did.

Now revenue per email subscriber can vary depending on a whole host of things (industry, number of sends, how engaged the list is, how well monetised each send is, etc), so it's hard for me to throw a figure out there, but here's an article I wrote on what I got from sending 11,309 emails as an ecommerce retailer over a 6 month period. Bear in mind that this is from a list of around 1000 email addresses, and I significantly underutilised (by a lot) this channel. I probably could have done 3 times that figure with the knowledge I have now.

Key takeaway

This guy is doing it right and you should go follow him, to see exactly how he does it. Private Equity Bro LinkedIn

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