I Sent 11,309 Emails Using Klaviyo (Here Are My Results)

6 Months of My Email Data, Using Klaviyo (Results)

Hey, folks! Today, I'm going to share my results (and experience) from sending 11,309 emails using Klaviyo over a span of six months. This was in Q1 & Q2 of 2023, the slower half of the year.

Note that this is in the Home & Garden niche, selling as a retailer. 

I'll be showing you:

  1. How much I made, £££
  2. Exact email flows and results/metrics
  3. Benchmarks across the e-commerce industry
  4. Exact email pop-ups and forms I used

Summary of Results:

Keep in mind that these numbers are from the first half of the year, typically considered the slower period in e-commerce, you would normally expect most of your income to come in Q3 and Q4.

Sales Summary - £2,476

  • Sales from emails: £2,476, of which £2,340 were from Email Flows, and £136 were from Email Campaigns.
  • Average Rates: Delivery Rate 99.51%, Open Rate 47%, Click Rate 2.46%, Placed Order Rate 0.35%.
  • Most of the sales came from email flows. The majority from only 3 of the flows: Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart & Post Purchase Follow-Up.

Here's a video where I break it all down and guide you through the implacations:

Email Flow Benchmarks

Now, let's take a closer look at the benchmarks I achieved compared to my peers.

The number of sends from flows was 3,719.

You should note, that the Peers metric is for ecommerce sellers in the same niche, and selling a similar volume over the period.




Open Rate



Click Rate



Click Through Rate



Placed Order Rate



Email Revenue Per Recipient



Bounce Rate



Spam Complaint Rate



Unsubscribe Rate




My take on this:

My email revenue per recipient was lower than industry averages, due to a number of factors. 

If I was able to increase my conversion rate from 0.95% to 2.13% like my peers, I'd more than double my profit per send.

I believe my low metrics were because I wasn't able to build enough of a relationship with the customer before the purchase - most of my sales were from PPC Google ads, and so I was jumping in for the sale right when the customer was ready to buy. 

Campaign Benchmarks

Comparing campaign performance to email flows, we notice significant differences.

The number of sends from campaigns was 7,590.

  • Email Revenue per Recipient for flows was substantially higher than for campaigns.
  • My metrics were much closer to my peers with campaigns, bar the revenue per recipient.
  • Approximately 2% of people would unsubscribe or bounce per email. So you can expect to get around 50 email sends per customer on average, if they did not become unengaged (which they often do!)




Open Rate



Click Rate



Click Through Rate



Placed Order Rate



Email Revenue Per Recipient



Bounce Rate



Spam Complaint Rate



Unsubscribe Rate



    Revenue by Email Flow:

    The top-performing email flows accounted for most of the revenue generated. Focusing on these key flows can significantly boost your e-commerce sales.

    1. Welcome Series: A simple 10% discount email upon sign-up drove a substantial portion of the revenue.
    2. Abandoned Cart Reminder: A simple and concise reminder email led to good conversion rates.
    3. Post-Purchase Follow-up: This series, with multiple emails, contributed to post-sale engagement and revenue, increasing the lifetime value of the customer.



    Revenue Per Recipient

    Welcome Series - 10% Discount

    £1,092 £9.17

    Abandoned Cart Reminder



    Post-Purchase Follow Up



    Popup Conversion Results

    The email capture popup on my website achieved a 4.74% conversion rate, which seems to be above industry averages.

    • The popup was strategically placed on higher-priced items to give a discount, circumventing the brand's minimum pricing. It also incentivizes email signups, which have a lifetime value attached to them. 
    • The 10% discount offer in the exit-intent popup captured potential customers about to leave the site.
    • But this was from only a small number of views 949, and therefore may not be statistically significant.


    By focusing on key email flows like the Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart Series, and Post-Purchase Follow-up, you can drive significant sales and engagement. 

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