Zoom: The Unforeseen Hero of Remote Communication

Once upon a time, a visionary named Eric S. Yuan dared to dream of a world where the boundaries of communication could be pushed beyond the horizon. His dream took shape in the form of Zoom, a video conferencing platform designed to "make video communications frictionless." This ambitious endeavour didn't just materialise overnight; it was born out of an intense desire to innovate and enhance the way we connect digitally.

The Birth of Zoom

A Visionary's Frustration

Eric S. Yuan, the mastermind behind Zoom, was not always satisfied with the state of digital communication. His stint at Cisco WebEx, a leader in video conferencing solutions, left him feeling disillusioned with the lack of innovation in their offerings. He identified a stark disconnect between customer needs and the product's stagnant design. His frustration with the complacency in leadership led to his resignation and eventually, the birth of Zoom.

The Courage to Break Free

Yuan did not embark on his journey alone. Over 40 engineers from WebEx shared his vision and left their secure roles to join him in creating a product that could revolutionize digital communication. This bold move was fuelled by their shared belief in Yuan's vision and a shared dissatisfaction with the lack of innovation at Cisco WebEx.

The Early Days of Zoom

Securing Early Investments

The creation of Zoom was anything but smooth. The team had to secure early investments from various influential figures and organisations, including former Cisco SVP of corporate development Dan Scheinman, co-founder of MaiTai Global Bill Tai, Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and Horizons Ventures.

Initial Traction and Growth

With a lean team, Zoom was built and launched into the market. It found early traction within technology companies and higher education institutions, proving its worth and potential. The growing customer base included esteemed names like Stanford Continuing Studies, Linear Technology, Kansas State University, University of Texas, and Quicken Loans.

The Journey to Success

Rapid Organic Growth

Zoom's success was not solely built on clever marketing strategies. Instead, it was the product's organic growth that really put it on the map. From individual businesses to large enterprise corporations, Zoom managed to penetrate a wide range of markets. This organic growth was primarily driven by the platform's user-friendly interface and its ability to cater to varying customer requirements.

A Transformative Investment

In February 2015, Zoom received a transformative investment of $30 million from Emergence Capital. This investment played a pivotal role in scaling up the sales and marketing teams, developing new products like Zoom Rooms and Zoom Webinars, and meeting the demands of an ever-growing customer base.

The Game-Changing Partnership with Sequoia

Zoom's partnership with Sequoia marked a significant milestone in its journey. Given Zoom's positive cash-flow, it was not actively seeking funding. However, the shared vision for Zoom's future and Sequoia's extensive experience in supporting rapid growth made them an ideal partner. Sequoia's investment was used to expand internationally, develop new features like augmented and virtual reality, and invest in modern cloud infrastructure.

Zoom and the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Unforeseen Curveball

The Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, disrupting normal life and forcing people into lockdowns. As people turned to digital platforms to work, study, and socialise, Zoom found itself in uncharted territory. The platform was not designed to cater to a world where everyone was operating remotely. The sudden surge in user demand presented Zoom with an unprecedented business challenge.

Meeting the Challenge

Despite the challenges, Yuan and his team rose to the occasion. They adapted quickly, acknowledging their shortcomings and taking responsibility for them. They implemented stringent privacy and security measures to protect users and ensure a seamless experience. The team worked tirelessly to meet the needs of their customers, showing the world their commitment to delivering happiness.

Yuan's Leadership Style

Yuan's empathetic leadership style and his focus on company culture have been integral to Zoom's success. His desire to make his employees and customers happy is evident in every decision he makes. He believes in constantly evolving and improving, learning from past mistakes to become a better version of himself. This approach has been critical in shaping Zoom's journey, particularly during the challenging period of the pandemic.

The Future of Zoom

A New Reality

The post-pandemic reality has ushered in a new era for Zoom. The platform has evolved beyond being a mere communication tool. It is now a foundational element for various aspects of life, from work and education to social interactions. This new reality has led to the development of new features like Zoom Events, a Whiteboard solution, and a Smart Gallery feature, all aimed at integrating remote and in-office work seamlessly.

The Dream Continues

Despite the significant strides made, Yuan believes that Zoom is just getting started. He envisions a world where Zoom is not just a digital conference room but a third party in the meeting itself, akin to an assistant or an aide. His commitment to delivering happiness, caring for the community, and valuing customers continues to drive Zoom's journey towards a future full of possibilities.


The story of Zoom is a testament to the power of innovation and a relentless pursuit of customer happiness. It's a tale of a visionary who dared to challenge the status quo and revolutionised the way we communicate digitally. Even in the face of fierce competition and unprecedented challenges, Zoom managed to outshine its competitors and become a household name. Its journey serves as an inspiration for all innovators, reminding us that with the right vision, the courage to take risks, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, anything is possible.

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