Personal Group

Personal Group: Redefining Employee Benefits

The Visionary Genesis in a Changing Workplace

In 1984, John Ormond and Christopher Johnston established Personal Group Holdings PLC amid an evolving business culture that increasingly recognized the importance of employee well-being. This period saw a shift from traditional financial incentives to more diverse and personalized employee benefits.

Transforming the Employee Benefits Landscape

Entering the Employee Benefits Market in 1990, Personal Group became a catalyst for change. The pre-existing market focused mainly on basic financial incentives, offering limited scope for personalization. Personal Group’s innovative approach introduced a range of comprehensive benefits, reshaping the industry towards more tailored and meaningful employee engagement.

Pioneering Employee Engagement: The First Discount Programme

The launch of the first Employee Discount Programme in the 1990s was a response to the growing demand for diverse employee benefits. This program was a game-changer, offering a variety of options that went beyond the traditional scope, reflecting the company's commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being.

Milestone Achievements and Digital Innovation

The company's listing on the AIM in 2000 and the subsequent move to a purpose-built head office symbolized its growing stature. The introduction of the Hapi App marked Personal Group’s foray into digital solutions, further diversifying its offerings.

Progressive Leadership: Steering Through Changing Times

The appointment of Deborah Frost as CEO and the creation of virtual sales channels during the COVID-19 pandemic exemplified the company's adaptability and forward-thinking leadership. These decisions were pivotal in maintaining the company’s relevance and impact during challenging times.

The Future Path: Innovating for Employee Well-being

With the launch of Hapiflex and the appointment of a Chief Wellbeing Ambassador, Personal Group continued to demonstrate its commitment to evolving workplace needs. Under Paula Constant’s leadership, the company is poised to further its mission of providing innovative and meaningful employee benefits.

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