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Growing Athyna: Global Talent

Established in the late months of 2018, Athyna has evolved as an all-inclusive platform for hiring global talent, managing diverse remote teams, and ensuring sustainable business practices across the globe. The brainchild of Bill Kerr, Athyna has been transforming the way businesses operate remotely, combating the complexities of international recruitment, and providing equal work opportunities to people all around the world.

The Genesis of Athyna

Identifying the Gap

As the world became increasingly interconnected, the need for an efficient and effective method of sourcing global talent became apparent. The founders of Athyna, having previous experience in building and managing global teams, recognised this gap in the market. They envisioned a world where talent was recognised and rewarded regardless of geographical location, a world where businesses could seamlessly build and manage diverse, high-performing teams. With a pledge to sustainability and a strong brand and culture at its core, Athyna was born.

The Early Days: A Leap of Faith

The journey of Athyna began in January 2019 when the first revenue trickled in. The initial months saw rapid growth. However, the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 dealt a heavy blow, causing a 70% drop in revenue. Despite the setback, the team at Athyna remained resilient. A phase of rebuilding began in May 2020, leading to the hiring of a sales team in February 2021 and the onset of accelerated growth.

Athyna: The Global Employment Platform

The Mission

Athyna's mission is to level the playing field and provide equal work opportunities for people all over the world. The platform is designed to help businesses find, manage and retain world-class global talent. It offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of running remote businesses — from sourcing talent in the ever-expanding market to managing payroll and taxes.

The Solution

Athyna presents a unique solution to the complex and time-consuming process of building a global team. It has developed a talent marketplace where businesses can find the best candidates from developing economies for a wide range of roles in just five days. Moreover, it enables businesses to manage payroll, benefits, and taxes, thereby simplifying the logistical challenges of running a remote team.

The Journey So Far

The journey of Athyna has been marked by relentless growth and resilience. Despite the setback caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the platform managed to achieve profitability by November 2022, without resorting to any layoffs.

The Roadmap Ahead

The ultimate goal of Athyna is to revolutionise the recruitment industry by creating a best-in-class talent and customer experience. The platform plans to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence to speed up and improve the matching process, thereby making better matches, faster.

The Future: A Vision for Growth

The future holds exciting prospects for Athyna. The platform plans to continue expanding its capabilities, grow its talent pool, and scale its operations to keep up with the growing demand. The funds raised will be invested in developing new features, improving the user experience, and diversifying revenue streams.

To conclude, Athyna has established itself as a game-changer in the world of global recruitment. Its commitment to providing equal work opportunities, sustainable business practices, and a seamless recruitment experience sets it apart in the rapidly expanding market for global teams. With a strong team, a clear vision, and a dedicated community of users, Athyna is poised for unprecedented growth in the years to come.

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