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Founded by Henrik Müller-Hansen in August 2012, Gelato has grown from a startup with a big idea to a global leader in the digital print industry. But what makes Gelato's story so tastey? Let’s jump into the nuts and bolts of this impressive company.

The Birth of Gelato

Henrik Müller-Hansen’s inspiration for Gelato came from recognizing the inefficiencies in traditional printing. Why produce thousands of copies in one location and then ship them globally? The environmental impact and cost were staggering. Gelato was created to offer a smarter solution: print locally, deliver globally. This simple yet revolutionary idea formed the backbone of Gelato's mission.

Henrik Müller-Hansen

The Name Behind the Brand

The name “Gelato” isn’t just a clever marketing trick. It represents the company’s commitment to delight and accessibility. Just as gelato is enjoyed worldwide, Gelato aims to make high-quality printing services available to businesses everywhere. The name also reflects the company’s global outlook, underscoring their ambition to spread joy and simplicity in the business world.

Funding Milestones

Gelato's growth has been significantly bolstered by strategic funding. In 2021, Gelato raised a whopping $240 million in a funding round led by Insight Partners, with participation from other notable investors like SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Goldman Sachs, and Dawn Capital. This substantial capital injection was set to fuel Gelato’s expansion in the US and Asia, as well as its venture into new product areas like 3D printing

Strategic Growth Through Shopify

One of Gelato’s significant growth drivers has been its integration with Shopify. The Gelato app, available on the Shopify App Store, allowed businesses with Shopify websites to seamlessly integrate print-on-demand services. This strategic move opened up a vast market of e-commerce entrepreneurs looking for efficient, reliable printing solutions, catapulting Gelato's growth and broadening its user base.

Gelato Shopify Integration

The Gelato Network

Gelato’s business model is built on a global network of print partners. This network ensures that print products are produced as close to the delivery location as possible. The result? Faster delivery times and a significant reduction in the carbon footprint associated with shipping. By focusing on sustainability, Gelato appeals to environmentally-conscious businesses looking to minimize their impact on the planet.


Based in Oslo, Norway, the team manages a network that spans 32 countries, enabling local printing and reducing shipping costs and environmental impact.

The Gelato Effect

The impact of Gelato’s model is far-reaching. By making high-quality print products accessible globally while championing sustainability, Gelato has set a new standard in the print-on-demand industry. Their approach not only benefits businesses by reducing costs and delivery times but also aligns with the increasing demand for environmentally responsible solutions.


Gelato’s rise from a visionary idea to a global print-on-demand powerhouse is a testament to the power of innovation and strategic growth. With a strong leadership team, a commitment to sustainability, and smart integrations like their Shopify app, Gelato continues to revolutionize the print industry. For businesses looking for efficient, eco-friendly printing solutions, Gelato is a great choice.

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For more information on Gelato and their journey, check out their about page, and the story behind their name.

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