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3 Commercials Which Went Viral

Three decades ago, you'd need the budget of a Super Bowl ad to capture millions of eyes. Now, all it takes is a smartphone.

Sip on your tea and soak in these ads.

1. Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating (2.5M views)

Rhett and Link, the comedic duo, joined forces with Roller Kingdom, creating a viral hit that skated across Twitter (sorry, X).


2. Alamo's Voicemail Comeback (5M views)

In 2011, a disgruntled customer's voicemail became Alamo Cinema's viral sensation. Played across their theatres, this hilarious twist on customer feedback caught national attention.


3. Our Blades Are F***ing Great (28M views)

Before going viral became a strategy, Dollar Shave Club's debut video, costing just $4,500 and shot in 7 hours, changed the game. Timed with their funding announcement, it became a startup sensation overnight.


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