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Here's Notion: It's Awesome.

People seem to go crazy about Notion... and I can see why.

  • Note-taking - sure.
  • Task and Project Management - they've got you.
  • Databases - yeh, once again, they got you.
  • Live Collaboration & Integrations.
  • Oh, and it's ludicrously customizable.

So let's hear how Notion got started...

How Notion Began...

Notion Labs, Inc., established in San Francisco in 2013 by a visionary team led by Ivan Zhao, Chris Prucha, Jessica Lam, Simon Last, and Toby Schachman, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the concept of a workspace.

The goal was ambitious: to create a platform that transcended the limitations of traditional productivity software, allowing users to tailor environments to their specific needs.

Key Milestones in Notion's History

  • 2013: Notion was founded by it's 5 man (& women) team.
  • 2016: Notion was released to the world
  • March 2018: The release of Notion 2.0 marked a pivotal moment for the company, which then had fewer than 10 employees. This version signaled Notion's readiness to redefine workspace flexibility and user engagement.
  • June 2018: Expansion continued with the launch of an Android app, broadening Notion’s accessibility and ensuring a foothold in the mobile productivity space.
  • September 2019: By this time, Notion had captivated a wide audience, reaching 1 million users and demonstrating the platform's scalability and widespread appeal.
  • 2020: A landmark year, Notion secured $50 million from Index Ventures and others by January and achieved a valuation of $2 billion by April, underscoring its rapid ascent in the tech arena.
  • September 7, 2021: Notion acquired, integrating advanced automation capabilities into its platform. This strategic acquisition was complemented by a significant funding round in October, where Notion raised $275 million, pushing its valuation to $10 billion and expanding its user base to 20 million.
  • 2022: Notion launched the Notion Certified Program to foster deeper user engagement and mastery of its tools. The company also joined the Security First Initiative, enhancing its commitment to data security.
  • June 2022: The acquisition of the calendar software Cron added to Notion’s suite of productivity tools, followed by the acquisition of FlowDash in July, emphasizing its expansion into workflow management.
  • November 2022: Notion’s global reach extended to Japan, marking its official release in the country.
  • 2023: The debut of Notion AI in February revolutionized the platform by integrating AI functionalities, followed by the introduction of multi-factor authentication in April, enhancing security measures for all users.
  • November 2023: The release of 'Q&A', an innovative AI feature, allowed users to directly interact with AI to obtain information based on the extensive data stored within their workspaces.
  • January 17, 2024: The launch of Notion Calendar introduced a fully-featured calendar application, seamlessly integrated with Notion’s tools, enriching the user experience and workspace connectivity.
  • February 9, 2024: The acquisition of the email service Skiff further diversified Notion’s offerings, cementing its status as a comprehensive solution for digital productivity needs.


For anyone looking to streamline their digital tools into one cohesive, highly functional workspace, Notion offers a compelling solution.

It's awesome, go use it.


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