Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout: The Wild Jungle of Amazon Sales

In the wild jungle of Amazon sales, where entrepreneurs battle spreadsheets and gut decisions, one tool emerged as the ultimate guide: Jungle Scout.

Founded by Greg Mercer in February 2015, Jungle Scout transformed the way Amazon sellers approached product research and business decisions. From a simple Chrome extension, to a comprehensive suite of tools.

Jungle Scout

The Spark of Innovation

Greg Mercer, an engineer by training, had been navigating the complex terrain of Amazon selling for some time. Faced with the arduous task of product research, which often involved tedious spreadsheet management and speculative decision-making, Greg saw an opportunity for a more data-driven approach. He began developing sales algorithms based on Amazon's Best Seller Rank (BSR) and created a Chrome extension to simplify the process. With a modest investment of $1,000 and the help of a part-time developer, the first iteration of Jungle Scout was born.

A Leap of Faith

Despite the initial skepticism from friends and family, Greg and his partner Liz left their stable corporate jobs and ventured to Southeast Asia to fully commit to their fledgling project. The early days were challenging; long hours and minimal sleep took a toll on Greg, leading to a bout of shingles. Nevertheless, their perseverance paid off as Jungle Scout started gaining traction among Amazon sellers who saw the value in its data-centric approach.

Building the Team

Greg's vision soon attracted like-minded individuals who were eager to contribute to the growing success of Jungle Scout. One such individual was Jared, who initially connected with Greg through a proposal on Elance. Jared, along with other developers, joined Greg in Bali for an intense 10-day work session that culminated in the launch of the first web app version of Jungle Scout. This collaborative spirit laid the foundation for Jungle Scout's unique company culture, which includes biannual retreats where the entire team gathers in exotic locations to bond and innovate.

Milestones and Growth

Jungle Scout's growth has been nothing short of remarkable. By the end of 2015, just months after its launch, the Chrome extension had thousands of users. In 2016, Jungle Scout introduced the web app, providing more comprehensive tools for Amazon sellers. By 2018, the company had expanded its offerings with the launch of the Supplier Database and Keyword Scout, enhancing the product research capabilities even further.

In March 2021, Jungle Scout secured $110 million in growth capital, with Summit Partners leading the investment.

Remote Workforce, Global Talent

Early on, Jungle Scout embraced a remote work model, enabling the company to recruit top talent from around the world. This global approach allowed them to onboard experts like their PhD data scientist from Germany, whose skills would have been hard to find if they were restricted to a single location. This diverse and talented team has been instrumental in developing Jungle Scout's sophisticated data pipeline, which processes billions of data points daily.

Recognition and Impact

By 2020, Jungle Scout had served over 500,000 Amazon sellers, providing invaluable tools and insights that have collectively generated billions in sales.

Looking Ahead

The future of Jungle Scout looks bright as they continue to innovate and dominate the market. With a robust system capable of processing vast amounts of data and a dedicated team focused on their mission, Jungle Scout is poised to remain the premier provider of software and educational resources for Amazon sellers.

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